Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting and special time for you. Whether you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, you likely have many questions that will affect your decisions in caring for yourself and your new baby. One thing is certain, that you will want to be well informed in order to make the best decisions as you prepare for the birth of your baby.

Thinking About Becoming Pregnant

Even before you become pregnant, there is information that you should consider so that you are prepared to have a healthy pregnancy. The following links will provide you with valuable information:

The Northern Health Region has resources that will assist you in achieving the best possible health outcomes for you and your new baby. Everything from nutrition, changes to your body, information on your developing baby, and preparing for your baby’s birth.

Each and every pregnancy is special and unique. Whether you are on your own with your pregnancy or planning an addition to a large family, the following resources are designed to help you in your journey in welcoming a new baby into your life. Please follow the links below to find the information you need.


  • The handbook Baby’s Best Chance: A Parents’ Handbook of Pregnancy and Baby Care is available by clicking this LINK or from your local health center and provides important information in becoming a parent.
  • Prenatal Benefits: click this link for more information
  • Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program. For more information please contact:

Thompson – The Babies’ Best Start
Phone: (204) 677-4431
The Pas – Best Beginnings: Baby & Me
Phone: (204) 623-1023
Flin Flon – The Best Beginnings: Baby & Me
Phone: (204) 687-6183
Cranberry Portage – The Best Beginnings: Baby & Me
Phone: (204) 472-3671

Early on in your pregnancy it is important that you see your health care provider and that you attend your scheduled appointments throughout your pregnancy. Please click on the following links to videos and resources that will provide you with information on having a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby:

Prenatal Classes

For prenatal Classes in your area: contact you nearest Nursing Station or Health Centre.

For more information please go to Healthy Child Manitoba or Baby’s Best Chance 

Families First

Families First offers home visiting supports to families with children, from pregnancy to school entry. Families First helps to build strong family relationships, can connect families to community resources and supports healthy growth, development and learning. There is no cost! More information is available HERE.

InSight Mentoring Program

The InSight Mentoring Program offers support to pregnant women and new mothers with substance use problems. This is a voluntary program for women who aren’t well connected to community support services and focuses on personalized, caring support over a long period of time to help make gradual, enduring changes. More information is available HERE.

Labour and Birth

Labor and birth can be both exciting and scary! You may feel overwhelmed with just the whole idea of giving birth, especially if it’s your first time. Every woman’s labor and delivery is unique. Still it will be helpful to prepare for childbirth by learning what to expect; activities such as attending prenatal classes, having regular appointments with your health care provider, reading books, searching the internet or talking to family and friends can all be of help. Understanding the stages of labor can help you to know what to expect and feel more confident when you go into labor. However your labor and delivery unfolds, remember that the health of both you and your baby is what’s most important. Discuss your labor and delivery preferences with your health care provider. Then look forward to holding your beautiful baby in your arms!

More information is available here:

Cord Blood Sampling

If parents are thinking about banking their baby’s cord blood, there are 2 links for more information: