Brochet / Barren Lands

Nursing Station
General Delivery
Brochet, MB R0B 0B0
Telephone: 204-323-2120
Fax: 204-323-2650


Cormorant Health Care Centre
Box 42
Cormorant, MB   R0B 0G0
Telephone: 204-357-2161
Fax: (204)-357-2259

Cranberry Portage

Cranberry Portage Wellness Centre
Box 186
Cranberry Portage, MB   R0B 0H0
Telephone: 204-472-3338
Fax: 204-472-3389

  • Public Health, Flin Flon 204-687-1350
  • Home Care 204-687-1350 Flin Flon
  • Emergency Services
  • Flin Flon services

Cross Lake

Nursing Station
Box 160
Cross Lake, MB R0B 0J0
Telephone: 204-676-2011
Fax: 204-676-3179


Nursing Station
Box 122
Easterville, MB R0C 0V0
Telephone: 204-329-2212
Fax: 204-329-2337

  • Provincial Nursing Station – NHR Managed

Flin Flon

  • Flin Flon General Hospital
  • Flin Flon Primary Health Care Centre
  • Flin Flon Personal Care Home
  • Northern Lights Manor
  • Flin Flon Clinic

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Garden Hill

Nursing Station
Box 264
Garden Hill, MB R0B 0T0
Telephone: 204-456-2615
Fax: 204-456-2866


  • Gillam Hospital
  • Gillam Public Health

Location Details

God’s Lake

Nursing Station
General Delivery
God’s Lake, MB R0B 0M0
Telephone: 204-335-2557
Fax: 204-335-2043

God’s River / Manto Sipi

Nursing Station
Box 100
God’s River R0B 0N0
Telephone: 204-366-2355
Fax: 204-366-2474

Grand Rapids / Misipawistik

Nursing Station
Box 53
Grand Rapids, MB R0C 1E0
Telephone: 204-639-2215
Fax: 204-639-2448

  • Provincial Nursing Station – NHR Managed


Ilford Community Health Centre
53 First Street, Ilford, MB   R0B 0S0
Telephone: 204-288-4348
Fax 204-288-4248

Lac Brochet / Northlands

Nursing Station
Box 90, Lac Brochet, MB R0B 2E0
Telephone: 204-337-2161
Fax: 204-337-2143

  • NHR Medical / Primary Care Services

Leaf Rapids

Leaf Rapids Health Centre
Box 370, Leaf Rapids, MB   R0B 1W0
Telephone: 204-473-2441
Fax: 204-473-8273

Lynn Lake

  • Lynn Lake Hospital
  • Lynn Lake Public Health

Location Details

Moose Lake / Mosakahiken

Nursing Station
General Delivery
Moose Lake, MB R0B 0Y0
Telephone: 204-678-2252
Fax: 204-678-2343

  • Provincial Nursing Station – NHR Managed

Nelson House / Nisichawayasihk

Nursing Station
General Delivery, Nelson House, MB R0B 1A0
Telephone: 204-484-2031
Fax: 204-484-2284

Nisichawayasihk Personal Care Home
Box 460
Nelson House, MB R0B 1B0
Telephone: 204-484-2350

Norway House

Nursing Station
Box 730, Norway House, MB R0B 1B0
Telephone: 204-359-8230
Fax: 204-359-6599

Pinaow Wachi Ltd. Personal Care Home
Bldg 305 Rossville
Norway House, MB R8N 1B0
Telephone: 204-359-6606
Fax: 204-359-6949

24 Long Term Care Beds

Opaskwayak Cree Nation

Beatrice Wilson Health Centre
245 Waller Road
Opaskwayak, MB  R0B 2J0
Telephone: 204-627-7410
Fax: 204-623-1491

McGillivary Care Home
56 Kiche Maskanow
Opaskwayak, MB R0B 2J0
Telephone: 204-623-5421

  • 30 Long term care beds

Oxford House / Bunibonibee

Nursing Station
General Delivery
Oxford House, MB R0B 1C0
Telephone: 204-538-2347
Fax: 204-538-2445

George Colon Memorial Home Inc
General Delivery
Oxford House, MB R0B 1C0
Telephone: 204-538-2560

  • NHR Medical / Primary Care Services


Nursing Station
307 Cordell Road
Pikwitonei, MB R0B 1E0
Telephone: 204-458-2402
Fax: 204-458-2468

Pukatawagan / Mathias Colomb

Nursing Station
General Delivery
Pukatawagan, MB R0B 1G0
Telephone: 204-553-2271
Fax: 204-553-2241

Red Sucker Lake

Nursing Station
General Delivery
Red Sucker Lake, MB R0B 1H0
Telephone: 204-469-5321
Fax: 204-469-5769


Nursing Station
General Delivery
Shamattawa, MB R0B 1K0
Telephone: 204-565-2370
Fax: 204-565-2519

  • FNIHB – NHR Medical / Primary Care Services


Sherridon Health Centre
General Delivery
Sherridon, MB   R0B 1L0
Telephone: 204-468-2012
Fax: 204-468-2167

Snow Lake

Snow Lake Health Centre
100 Lakeshore Drive
Snow Lake, MB  R0B 1M0
Telephone: 204-358-2300
Fax: 204-358-7310

  • 3 Long term care beds

South Indian Lake / O-Pipon-Na-Piwin

Nursing Station
Box 22
South Indian Lake, MB R0B 1N0
Telephone: 204-374-2013
Fax: 204-374-2039


Split Lake / Tataskweyak

Nursing Station
General Delivery
Split Lake, MB R0B 1P0
Telephone: 204-342-2033
Fax: 204-342-2319

St Theresa Point

Nursing Station
General Delivery
St Theresa Point, MB R0B 1J0
Telephone: 204-462-2264
Fax: 204-462-2642

Tadoule Lake / Sayisi

Nursing Station
General Delivery
Tadoule Lake, MB R0B 2C0
Telephone: 204-684-2031
Fax: 204-684-2049

  • NHR Medical / Primary Care Services

The Pas

  • St. Anthony’s General Hospital
  • The Pas Primary Health Care Centre
  • St. Paul’s Personal Care Home
  • Rosaire House Addiction Centre
  • The Pas Clinic

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Thicket Portage

Health Centre
398 Evens Avenue
Thicket Portage, MB R0B 1R0
Telephone: 204-286-3254
Fax: 204-286-3216


  • Thompson General Hospital
  • Thompson Public Health
  • Acute Brain Injury House (ABI)
  • Northern Spirit Manor
  • Thompson Clinic
  • Northern Consultation Clinic
  • Hope North Recovery Centre for Youth

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Nursing Station
General Delivery
Waasagamach, MB R0B 1Z0
Telephone: 204-457-2189
Fax: 204-457-2348


Wabowden Community Health Centre
88 Lakeside Drive
Wabowden, MB  R0B 1S0
Telephone: 204-689-2600
Fax: 204-689-2180

York Landing

Nursing Station
General Delivery
York Landing, MB R0B 2B0
Telephone: 204-341-2325
Fax: 204-341-2179