Work with Researchers to Investigate:

Use of Opioid and Psychotropic Medications During Pregnancy: Effect on the Developing Child and Mother

If you collaborate with researchers on this project, you will ensure that the voices of the patients are reflected in the research. This study will explore the short and long-term effects related to prescription opioid (e.g., codeine, morphine, hydromorphone) and psychotropic medication (e.g. anti-depressants) use during pregnancy. Currently not much is known about the long-term risks of opioid use during pregnancy. This study will look at how opioid medications are used during pregnancy and the risks. This will help in reducing the negative impacts of the prescription opioid epidemic in Canada.

The research team is looking to collaborate with patients/family members who have experienced pregnancy, psychotropic medication (e.g. anti-depressants) or prescription opioid use. If you or someone you know would be interested in collaborating on this study or would like more information please contact Jennifer Pepneck, Knowledge Broker Manitoba Centre for Health Policy. Email: Phone: 204-789-3445

Time Commitment: 2 meetings per year of study | 2 hour meetings | virtual attendance can be arranged  

Researchers: Drs. Deepa Singal and Dan Chateau

Get Involved: Contact Jennifer Pepneck to express your interest. Email: Phone: 204-789-3445