Access to Personal Health Information

Requesting Access to Personal Health Information

How do you get a copy of your health records?

You or your authorized representative can request to examine (view) or receive copies of your health record by completing the Request to Access Personal Health Information form and submitting it in person, by fax or by mail to the Health Information Management Department at the location where you received care.  Click HERE for a list of locations.

If you are unable to print the Request for Access Personal Health Information Form, you may submit a written request to the contact listed on this page and include the following:

  • full name
  • date of birth – use abbreviations for the month (for example Jan)
  • Personal Health Information Number (PHIN) – 9 digit
  • mailing address
  • telephone number(s)
  • identify the facility or program and community that your services were provided
  • type of information you are requesting
  • time period the information is from
  • date of the request
  • your signature

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Access

How do I request access to my health information while I am still a patient, client, or resident within the Region?

When you are a patient or client within the Northern Health Region you may ask your healthcare provider to see or receive a copy of your information. If your request involves a large amount of information or is not available to the healthcare provider you will be required to contact the Health Information Management Department.

Prior to viewing your health information you may be asked to provide a proper form of identification to protect the privacy of this information.

Will I receive access to all of my health records?

You have the right to access your health records and the Northern Health Region has an obligation to make it available to you, with limited exceptions. An exception may include protecting the identity of a third person.  The Northern Health Region may choose not to give you access to part of or all of your information and will provide you with a reason if access is refused.

How soon will I be able to view or receive copies of my information?

When the NHR receives your request, your health record will be reviewed and you will be contacted within:

  • 24 hours if you are an inpatient in a hospital  and the information is about health care currently being provided(for examination only)
  • 72 hours if you are a resident in a personal care home; or are receiving community or outpatient services and the information is about health care currently being provided
  • 30 days if you are not currently receiving care

Does it cost anything to request my health records?

If your request is to have information sent to another physician or health care provider, there is no charge. If you are requesting to view your record or obtain copies to your record, there is an administrative fee and photocopy fee.

What if I want my records released to another individual?

  • If you would like your information provided to another health care provider who will be providing care to you, we can send this information to them at your request.
  • If you would like the information released to family, a lawyer, police, or any other person who will not be providing care to you, we will require that you provide us with a signed Consent to Disclose Personal Health Information form.  

How do I obtain records on an individual who has deceased?

To obtain records on a deceased individual, we require a Request to Access Personal Health Information form signed by the personal representative (e.g. executor/executrix) prior to providing access to the information.