Patient Safety

The Quality and Risk Department supports programs and initiatives that have been developed with the goal of reducing patient injuries and deaths that are preventable in our region.  Safe patient care will be provided in a culture of trust, compassion, integrity, respect and collaboration.

There are many initiatives in progress in our region to improve patient safety, deliver safer health care, and to improve communication between patients/families and their health care providers.

For more information on patient safety, please contact the Patient Safety & Quality Improvement Coordinators at the following locations:

Patient Safety & Quality Improvement Coordinator
The Pas Health Complex

Box 240, The Pas MB R9A 1K4
Office: 204-623-9213 (internal ext. 30147)
Fax: 204-623-9263

Patient Safety & Quality Improvement Coordinator
Thompson Regional Office
867 Thompson Drive South
Thompson MB, R8N 1Z4
Office: 204-677-5386


Quick Links for More Information on Patient Safety

Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety
Resources & Tips to promote patient safety for patients, families, the public and healthcare providers

Canadian Patient Safety Institute 
Shift to Safety, improving patient care safety and quality in Canada requires everyone’s involvement-SHIFT to Safety gives you the tools and resources you need to keep patient safe, whether you are a member of the public, a provider, or a leader.

It’s Safe to Ask
It’s Safe to Ask encourages patients and families to request the information they need in order to become active participants in their care. It includes easy-to-read materials for patients.  It’s Safe to Ask encourages patients and healthcare providers to ask and discuss 3 key questions:

  1. What is my health problem?
  2. What do I need to do?
  3. Why do I need to do this?

ISMP Consumer Med Safety
Protect yourself from medication errors.

Accreditation Canada
Dedicated to working with patients, providers and policy makers to improve the quality of health and social services for all.

Health, Seniors and Active Living
Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living focuses on keeping Manitobans of all ages healthy and safe. A commitment now to a healthy, active lifestyle helps prevent future illness and disease and results in a more meaningful involvement with society at all stages of life.