MB Telehealth

Every year, more and more people are using MBTelehealth services in health care. Telehealth improves access to specialized services that may not be available in communities, saving you and the health care system time, money and risks associated with travel. At a time when you may need emotional and physical help, telehealth allows you to access care while remaining close to family, friends and community supports.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the use of information technology to connect people to health-care expertise at a distance. MBTelehealth uses a secure link to provide videoconferencing for health-care services, continuing education, health-related meetings and family visits between communities across Manitoba.

A satellite or ground link is used to connect a specialist or other health-care providers to a patient. You will be able to see, hear and talk to your health-care provider on a television screen. The person at the other end will also be able to see, hear and talk to you. Over 500 different clinicians from over 60 different specialties provide services on the network.

MBTelehealth also provides eConsult (Store and Forward) services in several specialty areas. eConsult is a secure web-based application that allows local primary health-care providers to consult with specialists for advice, recommendations, and/or diagnosis about a range of non-urgent health conditions.

How does eConsult work?  Your local primary health-care provider determines if a consultation with a specialist is required and creates a referral containing the patient’s information and medical history, including any relevant files (i.e. images, test results, medical reports, etc.). The specialist then reviews the information provided and responds within the application. The care remains with the primary health-care provider who will follow-up with the patient based on the specialist’s recommendations.

Is MBTelehealth confidential?

MBTelehealth is committed to maintaining the privacy of your personal health information at all times. MBTelehealth uses a secure network connection for all appointments.

You will be introduced to all the people who are present in the local site as well as those at the distant site. Their roles in the appointment will be explained to you before the appointment. You have the right to request that non-essential people be excluded from your video consultation.

All information collected, recorded, stored, used or disclosed is done so in accordance with the Northern Health Region and the Personal Health Information Act of Manitoba.

What happens on the day of your MBTelehealth appointment?

On the day of your appointment, you will go to the local MBTelehealth site where staff from the site will explain how the equipment works and answer any questions you may have. You will be asked to verbally consent that you agree to participate by telehealth. During the appointment a nurse or other health-care provider may be present. Family members or a friend may be present if you wish and if the health-care provider agrees it is appropriate.

Our Northern Health Region Telehealth Locations:

  • Brochet / Barren Lands Nursing Station
  • Easterville Nursing Station
  • Cross Lake Nursing Station
  • Flin Flon General Hospital & Flin Flon Clinic
  • Flin Flon Primary Health Care Centre
  • Flin Flon-Northern Lights Manor
  • George Colon Memorial Home Inc. Personal Care Home
  • Gillam Hospital
  • God’s Lake Nursing Station
  • God’s River / Manto Sipi Nursing Station
  • Grand Rapids Nursing Station
  • Lac Brochet / Northlands Nursing Station
  • Leaf Rapids Health Centre
  • Lynn Lake Hospital
  • Moose Lake Nursing Station
  • Nelson House / Nisichawayasihk Nursing Station
  • Norway House Nursing Station
  • Opaskwayak –Beatrice Wilson Health Centre
  • Oxford House / Bunibonibee Nursing Station
  • Pukatawagan / Mathias Colomb Nursing Station
  • Shamattawa Nursing Station
  • Snow Lake Health Centre
  • South Indian Lake / O-Pipon-Na-Piwan Nursing Station
  • Split Lake / Tataskweyak Nursing Station
  • St. Theresa Point Nursing Station
  • The Pas Health Complex
  • The Pas Clinic
  • The Pas Primary Health Care Centre
  • Thompson General Hospital
  • Thompson Clinic
  • Thompson Northern Spirit Lodge
  • Thompson- Hope North Centre
  • Wabowden Health Centre

For more information on MB Telehealth, please visit their website at www.mbtelehealth.ca