Personal Care Home Costs

Residential Charges

All residents of PCHs in Manitoba are required to pay a daily charge (collected monthly), which is set by Manitoba Health. The daily residential charge is determined by an assessment of the annual income of each individual and is re-evaluated by Manitoba Health annually in August.

To calculate the residential charges, please visit the Manitoba Health website

Applicants admitted to hospital begin paying the residential charge once their application has been approved to the wait list.  All individuals waiting placement in hospital must move to the first available appropriate PCH bed in or as close to their home community as possible.

Applicants waiting in the community for a PCH bed begin paying the residential charge on the day they are admitted to any PCH.

Other PCH Costs

  • Clothing- Purchase, replacement, one-time cost of labels, major repairs, alterations and dry cleaning
  • Room Set-up- Television and cable hook-up, telephone and phone/internet hookup and monthly charges, charges for moving phone, cable or internet service to a preferred room, annual cleaning or as required cleaning of resident – owned cloth chairs, dry-cleaning/repair of resident owned items e.g. drapes, blankets
  • Personal Consumption/Use- Cosmetics, deodorant, brushes and combs, mouthwash, toothbrush and paste, denture cleaner/adhesive, facial tissue, shavers, shaving cream, sun screen, support hose, nail care kits, compression stockings, compression garments, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products
  • Equipment- Two slings for mechanical lifts, sliders, wheelchairs, sensor mats for bed and chair alarms, transfer devices (transfer poles, overarm toilet bars, assist rails), wheelchair cushions/seating for pressure relief or reduction, positional aids (e.g. pelvic/thigh belt; lap belt, wedge pillows, posey boots), fall mats, walkers or other mobility aids, repair and annual preventative maintenance on resident-owned equipment, insurance for repair or loss of personal belongings.
  • Medical/Nursing Supplies- Portable oxygen for outings (unless the outing is with the PCH recreation program); incontinence care products (non-contract brand)
  • Dietary Supplies- Special food/products not approved by Nutrition Services; Specialized aids and utensils for personal use (e.g. weighted dishes, cups and utensils; specialized dishes; non-slip placemat).
  • Drugs, Biologicals, and Related Preparations- Products not covered by the PCH Drug Program, herbal and alternative therapies, throat lozenges, health food products, non-prescription eye drops
  • Supportive Aids- Dentures, eyes glasses, hearing aids and batteries, repair and replacement of these items
  • Personal Services- Hiring of additional private services such as hairdressing, manicures, pedicures, massage therapy, chiropractor, escorts, companion care, private duty nursing, dentists, foot care, optometry, podiatry, private therapy (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech language therapy)
  • Other- Insurance for repair or loss of personal belongings, PCH Activity/Recreation Department Social Outings, handi-van, electronic monitoring transponder device, newspapers, smoking aprons, transportation costs not covered through the Inter-facility Transport Policy