Cancer Care                                                             

CancerCare Manitoba is provincially mandated as a centre of excellence in cancer control and is committed to the delivery of cancer services to all Manitobans.

The Community Cancer Programs Network (CCPN) is a longstanding and innovative program of CancerCare Manitoba that works in partnership with the Regional Health Authorities to enable patients living outside of Winnipeg to receive their cancer care closer to home. Community Cancer Program sites are outpatient units located in community hospitals and are staffed by a multi-disciplinary team of family doctors, nurses, pharmacists, social workers and other health professionals who have received specialized education in oncology. This group of specialists work with CancerCare Manitoba oncologists and staff to provide comprehensive cancer care, including chemotherapy, follow-up care and support closer to home, allowing patients to stay connected to their families and communities. The Oncologist maintains ongoing contact with the CCP team and retains overall responsibility for the patient’s care.

Please click this link to be directed to the Community Cancer Programs Network website.