About the Manitoba Renal Program

The Manitoba Renal Program is responsible for providing care to people with chronic kidney disease.

Currently, about 1,200 patients receive dialysis treatment through the Manitoba Renal Program, with another 4,000 patients monitored through the program’s renal clinics. More than 275 Manitobans start dialysis treatment every year.

Manitoba Renal Program has three Winnipeg sites and is partnered with local health authorities in the operation of locations in Brandon and 16 local centres throughout Manitoba.

Manitoba Renal Program kidney disease prevention strategies and active projects include:

  • Renal Health Outreach Initiative
  • Earlier identification of kidney disease with enhanced reporting on blood tests.
  • Development of kidney specialist referral pathways for family physicians that advise screening of high risk groups, and identify elective, urgent, or emergent referrals, to shorten wait times.
  • Development of simple treatment pathways for family physicians to use for routine, proven, care of patients identified to have kidney disease.
  • Development of telemedicine clinics to increase access to kidney specialist care for remote inhabitants.
  • Integration of care by partnering with other (non kidney) medical specialists and providers that care for patients that have, or are at risk of developing, kidney disease.
  • Implementation of an electronic kidney patient database which will help expedite care.
  • Participation in national quality initiative and research programs to improve patient care.

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Source: Manitoba Renal Program