Your feedback is important and telling us about your experience helps us to improve care. We welcome your concerns, complaints, and compliments.

If you have questions or concerns about the care or service you or a family member received or if you have a patient safety concern we want to hear from you.

For any concern, it is best to begin by talking with a person at the place where care was received. If you require further assistance, the Region’s Patient Experience Coordinator is available to receive your compliments, feedback, comments, concerns or suggestions.

Patient Experience can be reached by:

Telephone at 204-687-9320
Toll free at 888-340-6742
Email at


Patient Experience Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when you contact the Patient Experience Coordinator?

It is our goal to contact you, as soon as possible, but this could take up to two business days. The Patient Experience Coordinator will review your concern and act as your contact person. The time needed to review your concern will vary according to the type of concern. The outcome of the review will be shared with you where possible.

Share a compliment

Would you like to provide a compliment about a service, or recognize someone who has made a difference to your healthcare experience? Please share your compliment with our Patient Experience Coordinator by phone or email. We will pass the compliment along to the staff involved as well as sharing with our Board of Directors.

Why should concerns be brought to the attention of the Northern Health Region?

The Northern Health Region (NHR) is committed to providing high quality patient care. We value feedback from patients about their care. Complaints, compliments and suggestions are welcomed as an important way for the region to understand the first-hand experience of the patient. This allows us to learn and improve patient safety and quality of care.

Your health care will not be affected by bringing a concern forward

How soon should concerns and complaints be reported?

The sooner a concern is raised, the easier it is to find an answer or solution. Your experience helps us to learn, and improve the care that is provided.

When you have a concern about your care, start by talking to your health care provider (nurse, doctor, other provider). If you still have questions, please ask to speak with the Manager of your unit / health centre or community program.

If your concern is still not addressed, speak with the Patient Experience Coordinator. You may be asked to leave a message, but your call or email will be returned. In order to review your concern, it is important you provide your name and tell us how we can reach you. Otherwise, we are limited in how well we can review your concern and speak to you about it.

Sometimes concerns need the involvement of others.

The Patient Experience Coordinator will be happy to speak with you about all types of concerns or complaints. The process used to review your concerns will be shared with you.

We will work directly with you, or with someone who has your consent, to review your concern. Information related to your concern will only be shared with the appropriate authorized individuals in order to resolve your concern. We may need to review your health record and talk with others involved with your care.

When you share a concern your privacy will be protected according to the Personal Health Information Act of Manitoba (PHIA).

What if I am still not satisfied?

If the Northern Health Region’s review of your concern has not been resolved to your satisfaction, you may contact:

Resolving Concerns within Manitoba’s HealthCare System
Phone toll free: 1-800-392-1207

Manitoba Ombudsman
Phone toll free: 1-800-665-0531