Our logo and our Brand tell the story of how we are an integral part of the North, while at the same time one with the land, the sky, the people and nature. Our logo depicts harmony, respect and a deep desire to care for the health and wellbeing of the North, and more specifically, the people.

The MAP – The depiction of a map of Manitoba makes the vastness of the Northern Health Region’s boundaries readily apparent to the viewer. The boundary of the Region is further enhanced and delineated by the outstretched wings of the Eagle.

The EAGLE – The Eagle is a universal symbol of strength, power, truth and freedom. For our First Nations communities, the Eagle is the most sacred bird for it carries prayers to the Creator. The Eagle soars above us all and sees and hears all. The Eagle sits in the East of the Medicine Wheel with the direction of leadership and courage. The Eagle’s wings represent the balance between men and women. They show the interdependence of one upon the other and show both must work together, in cooperation to achieve desired results. In our logo, the eagles’ wings cradle not only the Region, but the people of the North, symbolizing health care, or “taking care of”. In some respects, the Eagle can be seen as guarding or protecting the North.

The PEOPLE – The people are represented by the three different sized figures representing the family (father, mother and child) but also the diversity of people within our Region and the harmony in which they can live together. Their outstretched arms symbolize welcoming and openness to embrace life and its challenges.

The SUN – The depiction of the rising sun marks the dawning of a new day and its challenges. It also offers hopefulness to the people and gives thanks for life and nature.

The Region’s Visual Identity Guidelines outline how the logo and word mark are to be used. Questions about the guidelines should be directed to Communications.

Call (204) 687-3014 or email tstorey@nrha.ca

Visual Identity Guidelines