Regional Offices

  • 84 Church Street, Flin Flon MB R8A 1L8, (204) 687-1300 Toll-free (888) 340-6742
  • 163 Edwards Ave, The Pas MB R9A 1K2, (204) 627-6800 Toll-free (888) 340-6742
  • 867 Thompson Drive South, Thompson MB R8N 1Z4, (204) 677-5350 Toll-free (888) 340-6742

Executive Leadership Council

Helga Bryant, RN, BScN, MScA, Chief Executive Officer

Contact:  Sara Pawlachuk, Executive Assistant
Telephone:  (204) 687-3010

I have been a registered nurse since 1974 and continue to be proud of this professional designation.

Through 19 years of clinical practice at Brandon Regional Health Centre, I developed a passion for patients, their families and the communities in which they live.

Opportunities became apparent in nursing leadership and I began specializing in nursing management as firstly a Nurse Manager and then Director at Brandon Regional Health Centre, or Brandon General Hospital as it was known then. When regionalization occurred in 1997, I became the first Vice-President Acute Care and Diagnostics for the newly formed Brandon RHA. Four years later, Health Sciences Centre came calling and I assumed the position of Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer from 2002-2009. A year as Executive Director for the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba was followed by an attempt at retirement. This did not last long as Northern Manitoba came calling, firstly for the CEO of the NOR-MAN RHA; then amalgamation and yet another opportunity. In May of 2012, I became the CEO of the Northern Health Region.

Throughout my career, a love of change, an ability to inspire a vision, and therapeutic caring and encouragement have been hallmarks of my leadership practice.

Dr. Deborah Mabin, VP Medical Services & Chief Medical Officer

Contact:  Sharon Kotz, Executive Assistant
Telephone:  (204) 681-3017


I have had the privilege to work in Northern Manitoba since 1993; by far the majority of my career. I have worked as a radiologist initially providing medical leadership to the Diagnostic Imaging Departments in Thompson, then switching to The Pas and Flin Flon.

I was appointed VP Medical Services and Chief Medical Officer in late 2016 and have been committed to strive to achieve accessible and quality medical care for our population.

Joy Tetlock, VP Planning & Population Health

Contact:  Kayla Kemp, Executive Assistant
Telephone: (204) 681-3020


I have been in healthcare for 19 years, all of which has been spent in the North and 15 of those years for the Health Region. As a Flin Flonner born and raised, I know how innovative, flexible and determined Northerners are and the Northern Health Region has provided plenty of opportunity for new and exciting ways of providing service to our clients. As VP of Planning & Population Health, my portfolio works across all departments and I witness the dedication of our staff to improving the patient journey day in and day out. I look forward to the times ahead. We are building new relationships with our community partners, utilizing exciting new technologies and moving forward with new programming and processes that increase the accessibility and quality of our services for all Northerners.

Wanda Reader, VP Human Resources & Chief Human Resources Officer

Contact: Debra Prince, Executive Assistant
Telephone: (204) 623-9561



As a Human Resources Practitioner of 30 years, I strive to bring Human Resource Best Practices to the Northern Health Region and build a workplace culture of respect and client focus.  I was born and raised in northern Manitoba and am dedicated to the Northern Health Region and the communities that we serve.  The Vision of the NHR is Healthy People, Healthy North and with our HR principles we focus on Healthy Employees, Healthy Organization.

Shawn Hnidy, VP Corporate Services & Chief Financial Officer

Contact: Patricia Penny, Executive Assistant
Telephone:  (204) 677-5300


I have lived in The Pas for over 25 years, and in this time my wife and I have raised two children and have owned and operated a small business.  I was a business instructor at University College of the North before I joined the Northern  Regional Health Authority (“NRHA”) in the Corporate Services area in 2013.  As the Chief Financial Officer and VP of Corporate Services, I have the support of a knowledgeable staff that is dedicated to provide the proper business support to the healthcare providers of the NRHA as we all work together to ensure that the residents of the Northern Region have access to healthcare services in the North.  As a member of the Executive Leadership Council, I am committed to work for the residents of the Northern Health Region to attain our vision of Healthy People, Healthy North.

Scott Hamel, Regional Administrative Officer/Executive Director Medical Administration

Contact:  Denise Horton, Executive Assistant
Telephone:  (204) 778-1401


My journey to the Northern Health Region has allowed me to gain the knowledge, skills, and experience to support having healthy people in a healthy north.  As a lawyer I was able to learn and instruct negotiations and collaborative practice.  Working in Seoul, South Korea afforded me key interpersonal skills. Working as a Policy Analyst at Manitoba Health, Seniors, and Active Living (MHSAL) allowed me to gain the required systemic knowledge.  As a Liaison with MHSAL I was able to gain key knowledge and experience with the Northern Health Region.  Completing an MBA has tied all of my education and experiences together and I am committed to the Mission, Vision, and Values of our organization!

Shannon Guerreiro, VP Clinical Services & Interprofessional Practice Chief Nursing Officer

Contact: Linda Biglow, Executive Assistant
Telephone: (204) 677-5353

I am currently in the 30th year of my nursing career. I have been so privileged in my profession, to have experienced the many settings in which I have had the good fortune to practice. My nursing experience is varied, ranging from emergency to medicine, from rehabilitation nursing to long term care and most areas in between.  The wonderful thing about a career in nursing is that we have the ability to impact lives in a positive and lasting way, simply by the care we give. I provided care at the bedside for 17 years. I was then given the opportunity to inform and improve practice as a unit manager and influenced the care that was provided to many people, instead of just a few. I went on to lead change and to develop and effect programing as a director and then CNO.  And all of that led me to this, my current position of VP of clinical services, collaborative practice and chief nursing officer. The values of the northern health region, those of trust, respect, honesty, integrity, compassion and collaboration align with my personal values and it was these stated values that drew me to the Northern Health Region. Here in the North is where I find myself collaborating with a remarkable, committed team, guiding the practice of staff and promoting the health and wellness of an entire region.

Lois Moberly, Executive Director Clinical Services, Flin Flon & Area

Contact: Gloria Brown, Executive Assistant
Telephone: (204) 687-9610


As a Registered Nurse for over 32 years, I have devoted my professional career to excelling in nursing leadership from beginning as a staff nurse at the University of Alberta Hospitals, to a lifelong career in Northern Manitoba, for the past 29 years. I support nurses working to their full scope of practice while demonstrating the Northern Health Region’s Values of Trust, Respect, Integrity, Compassion & Collaboration.

Ingrid Olson, RN, MN, Executive Director Clinical Services, The Pas & Area

Contact: Edith Sexsmith, Executive Assistant
Telephone: (204) 623-9239


I bring more than 35 years of nursing experience to the communities of the north including more than 25 years in leadership positions.  I have been the Executive Director of Clinical Services for The Pas and Area since February 2013 and am now a permanent resident of The Pas and am committed to serve the public and staff of this area. I am passionate about patient safety and am always striving to improve services.  I believe in doing the right thing for the right reason and in fair and equitable access to services. Living and working in the North has been a privilege.

Susan Gerlach, Executive Director Clinical Services, Thompson & Area

Contact: Denise Duffy, Executive Assistant
Telephone: (204) 677-5380

I have thirty years of experience in healthcare with expertise in various settings including health, education, private business, project management, and organizational operations including finance, human resource management, quality, and resource allocation.

Before joining the Northern Health Region in 2017, I was a Director at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg and prior to that a Project Manager for the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority. My clinical background is in physiotherapy and I feel privileged to be a member of the profession. I hold a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Manitoba, graduating with distinction.

I believe strongly in collaborative leadership and the benefits of engaging employees in the healthcare agenda to accomplish common goals. Trust and respect are at the core of my leadership style. During my career, I have demonstrated the ability to work effectively with a variety of people in complex situations and achieve positive results.  I am pleased to be part of the Northern Health Region team dedicated to offering genuine work of social value.

VACANT – VP Indigenous Health & Relations