Spring Equinox

The teachings of our Elders tell us that Spring Equinox is the understanding of balance. A teaching of the natural world of which we live and help to create and take care of in a Spiritual way. This teaching helps us to find balance in our personal lives. It is a time of renewal and the beginning of a new season – a new life with new beginnings. A time when we need to listen and watch the birds and animals coming back to their birthplace and to help us (as humans) understand how to care for our young ones. This is a time when we observe the natural laws of the land as it speaks to us in so many different ways. It is a time for planting that seed in Mother Earth so that she can help us grow in our faith. A time for us to reconnect to the land and our children in search of that balanced life that each of us need to find— bimaadiziiwin, the good life.