Indigenous Health Grand Rounds

Topic: The Spring Equinox Teachings
When: Wednesday, March 20, 2024 from 12 – 1 p.m.
Where: Microsoft Teams


Elder Mary Bryan, Sapotaweyak First Nation

Spirit name: Golden Eagle Watching Woman

Today my knowledge and wisdom are valued as an Elder; in knowing this, my life has not been in vain. I am a proud Cree woman who like all my people have been very affected by colonization and residential school.

I am also a traditional dancer and have brought our ways of a good life back to my children and grandchildren. I am a survivor of the 60’s scoop and day schools. I grew up seeing violence against all my female relatives. I nearly lost all my Indigenous teachings and language. My life was a difficult life. I lost two of my sons and today I raise my sons’ children in a very strong traditional way. They now know who they are as Indigenous children and youth.

Our Indigenous way of knowing and believing is what I believe all peoples need to know to survive. My Grandmother taught me so much and for me to be in an Elders position today I credit to her. The gifts I carry are all to help Indigenous women and girls to know they can change the world, they do not have to suffer like my generation did. They are all leaders.

I have been with Clan Mothers Healing Village for over 20 years now and I want to continue to give back to our Peoples’ beautiful way of Life for the rest of my Life.

Elder Billie Schibler, Metis

Elder Billie Schibler (Purple Harvest Woman) is a Manitoba Métis woman of Saulteaux and Sioux bloodlines. She is a mother and Grandmother to many. 

Elder Billie worked over 35 years in Family Services, Child Protection, Children’s Mental Health & Youth Justice as a Service Worker, Executive Director and CEO. She is the first Indigenous female in Manitoba to be appointed by the Legislative Assembly as the Provincial Child & Youth Advocate.

Elder Billie has been a Sundancer for over three decades and has led both Sundance and Moondance ceremonies. She is a member of the World Council of Elders, Grandmothers Circle the Earth and a co-founding member of (Kookum Kaa Da Maa Waad Abinoojiiak) Grandmothers Protecting Our Children Council. She has also been a member of the Elders Council for the (NWMO) Nuclear Waste Management Organization in Canada for the past 10 years. 

Elder Billie is a Pipe and Staff Carrier and a Ceremony Keeper.  She has shared Traditional Teachings and Water Ceremonies in Canada and at International Gatherings, recognizing that all of creation including water has spirit.