Northern Health Region Receives Accreditation Designation

Accreditation Canada recently conducted an on-site survey of our organization and we have been affirmed that the Northern Health Region has met the requirements of the accreditation program and has shown a commitment to quality improvement.

The final accreditation review showed that the NHR met 93.6% of the surveyed criteria.

We are very proud of all of our employees and their commitment to quality improvement.  The on-site survey was an excellent learning experience and highlighted the ways in which we can make our services better.

Some general highlights from the report include:

  • New Executive Leadership (CEO and Board Chair)
  • Coming out of three years of pandemic restrictions
  • New Strategic Plan with inspirational strategic directions
  • Declaration to eliminate all forms of Indigenous-specific racism

The accreditation on-site survey was completed in May 2023 and we have met the requirements to maintain our accredited status.


Feel free to view the full report that is posted here on our website: