Here is what LHIG members are asked to commit to.

LHIG members are asked to serve for a 3 year term, with an opportunity for one re-appointment for a maximum of 6 years of service. Appointments will be made in such a way as to have an organized rotation of members providing for renewal while maintaining continuity. As a result, the first 10 members to each group will be appointed as follows: 3 for 1 year, 4 for 2 years and 3 for 3 years. All subsequent appointments will be for 3 years.

LHIG members will participate in one face-to-face meeting per year that will directly coincide with our annual Northern Health Summit, occurring in October. Members will also participate in a minimum of 3 other meetings per year done by Telehealth, teleconference or audio-visual (web-based) communication.

The Regional Youth LHIG will meet face-to-face at an annual Youth Forum which will occur.

For the Virtual LHIG, a Chair will be appointed by the Board to provide continuity. The term of the Chair will align with the parameters of the virtual LHIG. The size of the Virtual LHIG will be determined by the issue and interest in that issue, at the call of the Virtual LHIG Chair, in consultation with the Board Chair.

Terms of the Virtual LHIG members will be determined by the LHIG in consultation with the Board Chair but shall not exceed two years.

The number of Virtual LHIG meetings will be determined by the Virtual LHIG Chair and take into consideration the specifics of the issue under discussion.


Here is what will the Region will do with the LHIGs feedback

A report of the discussions that occurred within each of the regional LHIGs will be presented to the Northern Health Region Board of Directors and will become part of the considerations in decision making. The Board will communicate with the LHIGs about how their feedback helped their deliberations and decision making.