Your Local Community Has a Voice in Health Care

Local Health Involvement Groups or “LHIGs” are made up of citizens who care about health and health services. They are established to explore and provide advice to the Board of Northern Health Region on issues that impact the delivery of local health services. The role of a LHIG member requires the ability to consider and share personal experiences in ways that will help to make broad system change.

The creation of Local Health Involvement Groups (LHIGs) was announced by government as one way to offer a community perspective on issues that the Board of the Northern Health Region needs to make decisions on. It is an opportunity for the public to partner with the RHA to help identify the health needs of local communities.” These groups are made up of people from all walks of life, with varied opinions and ideas.


The role of a LHIG member is:

  • To attend an orientation to better understand health issues andhealth services in Manitoba;
  • To attend all meetings or notify your LHIG Chairperson or Director of Community Engagement if you are unable to attend;
  • To fulfill the length of the term unless unexpected situations arise;
  • To participate in discussions openly,sharing your own experiences while respecting those of others;
  • To act in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors proving feedback from a “broad health system/issues perspective”; and
  • To participate in the evaluation of the LHIG.


The role of the RHA Board is:

  • To appoint community members to each LHIG;
  • To consider the ideas, concerns, solutions or feedback from the LHIGs;
  • To communicate with the LHIGs how their input influenced the work/decisions of the Board; and
  • To assign a Board member and an alternate to each LHIG.


The role of the RHA Board Member Support is:

  • To attend LHIG meetings;
  • To act as a communication conduit between LHIG and Board;
  • Promote and support the work of the LHIG; and
  • Participate with the evaluation of the LHIG.


A LHIG member is someone:

  • With a passion for health and a desire to improve the health system;
  • Who likes to think about the “Big Picture”, and can think about the needs of others;
  • Who is a good listener; and
  • Who is comfortable sharing their ideas in a group.